Personal Injury: The Basics

Most of us are familiar with the phrase "personal injury" but, we don't really what it means. This refers to a certain situation where someone has been inured physically or emotionally by another person.

If the individual harmed wants to get money as compensation from a company or the person that did the wrongful act to them, this is a personal injury claim. There are different claims such negligence, premises liability, professional malpractice, products liability and worker's compensation claim. 

Who is liable to pay for financial damages?

According to the personal injury law, someone who carelessly causes an accident can be held responsible to pay financial damages such as medical bills, lost wages as well as any pain or emotional harm which resulted from the accident. Medicals and lost wages can easily be calculated but, emotional and physical damages are not easy to do so. A fair and reasonable amount must be decided to compensate for all your injuries.

How does fault play an important role?

To determine if someone owes you for the harm they caused on you, the idea of how much they were at fault and who was at fault weighs quite heavy. The total money for compensation relies on how much fault they have.

What is wrongful death?

If someone unfortunately dies as a result of another's fault, the family members can present a wrongful death claim  for their loss. They may be seeking financial aid from the loss of their loved one.

Is a lawyer need to make a claim?

You're not really required to hire a lawyer to present a persoanl injury claim but a lawyer can make it easier for you to understand your legal rights. If you caused the accident, your insurance company may hire an attorney to represent you.